Tap Your Way to Joy!

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Meet Donna

A retired teacher and psychology major, that learned the art of EFT and realized that teaching others the technique was her new calling. Since becoming a certified EFT Practitioner Donna has been a speaker at conferences, workshops and events. She has been featured in local news articles, online summits, and travelled Ontario sharing the impact EFT can have on stress, pain relief, trauma, athletic performance and so much more.



Pain Management

Stress & Anxiety

Transitions & Change


EFT other wise known as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping is a non-invasive, self applied, psychological acupuncture technique that can be used in all ages and stages of life.

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“Since learning and using tapping, I’ve noticed changes in my chronic pain level as well as myrange of motion, overall energy level, stamina, stress level, patience with myself, improved overall mood, sense of humour and the time it takes to return to calmness. I love this program. It really works from the beginning.” 

—  Nancy, Group Pain Management Participant