Tap Your Way to Joy!

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Meet Donna

Personal challenges, a growth mindset and compassion for others has led Donna to help women thrive with less suffering, greater confidence and more joy. With a dedication to living our best life and skills developed through careers in health care and education, Donna brings her clients expertise, real hope and healing.


Pain Management

Stress & Anxiety

Resiliency to navigate Life's Challenges & Changes


EFT other wise known as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping is a non-invasive, self applied, psychological acupuncture technique that calms the nervous system, reduces stress and enhances healing.

Reiki Treatment

Adult Programs &



“Donna has guided me through several EFT tapping sessions over the past few months.  It is remarkable what tapping can do to effectively identify, address and resolve deep-seated underlying issues and programming that have been “running the show”.   I have found her to be a very skilled practitioner with a clear professional manner and a gentle, soothing presence.  She makes it easy to face and clear our painful emotions and I’d happily recommend EFT therapy with Donna.”